Sorridiamo, ma siamo vicini alle lacrime;
Sara - 16 - from Italy.

BOOKS: tmi, tid, thg trilogy, the fallen saga, the twilight saga, the caster chronicles, the perks of being a wallflower, the host, divergent, hp.

TV: the vampire diaries, the originals, misfits, skins, awkward.

ANIME/MANGA: kimagure orange road, death note, ranma 1/2, bleach, urusei yastura, inuyasha, kuroshitsuji.

LOVE: gym, travel, USA, Germany, Japan, books, tv Series , Manga&Anime, books, animals, cats, wolves, nature, sea.

Factions & Manifestos

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The Mockingjay.

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The Young King and his Wolf Queen 

" I have a son. You have a daughter. We’ll join our houses."

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"She was sixteen, brown-haired and brown-eyed, slender and beautiful."

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Game Of Thrones meme: 5 houses - [1/5] - House Targaryen

"Like their dragons the Targaryens answered to neither gods nor men”

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"My father had four sons."

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One of my friends was upset about pictures that came up and I was like, ‘Look at the pictures of me’. I googled ‘Jennifer Lawrence ugly’. Closed the laptop. Never opened it again.

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"I don’t choose projects according to the idea of being a role model. To be considered as one, is definitely an honor. It’s something that I don’t think you really search to become a role model. Or at least I try to maintain my sense of self and choose roles that speak to me in some way and challenge me but in my everyday life staying true to what I believe in and being open and honest."

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